You've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's... now what?
Health with Hashimoto's: Body-positive coaching for women with Hashimoto's.
(without restrictive diets, or extreme supplement protocols)
Learn how to eat, move and LIVE for good so you can overcome Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism.

(without restrictive diets, or extreme supplement protocols)
Hi! I'm Natalie!
A body-positive health and wellness coach for women with Hashimoto's
Thriving on lattes, yarn, Boston Terriers and memes. I'm a mom of 4, wife of a veterinarian, and a coach for women with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism.

As a coach I specialize in a weight-neutral, body positive approach to health and wellness.

After my own personal health struggles with Hashimoto's, PCOS, secondary infertility, disordered eating and body image, I have been coaching women online since 2018.

I have taken over a decade of health coaching education, personal training, yoga teacher training and lived experience to help you, help yourself with Hashimoto's.

Learn more about me and my journey!
I embarked on my coaching journey after realizing that previous coaches exacerbated my health struggles. For years, I battled with self-criticism, mistakenly believing that rigorous diets and physical punishment would lead to health and satisfaction. This path only left me feeling more defeated and worsened my health. I discovered that the mainstream narrative of diet and wellness didn't resonate with my true health aspirations. Updog Wellness embodies my journey of transformation—overcoming Hashimoto's and PCOS, fueled by a decade of learning and professional experience. It represents my commitment to challenging the conventional norms of health and wellness coaching, specifically tailored for women navigating the complexities of Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and PCOS.
When I learned my health couldn't be defined by my Hashimoto's, my whole life changed.
Rejecting diet culture and embracing nourishment and movement that uplifted rather than diminished me transformed my health and life.
Learning to fuel my body correctly, engaging in empowering physical activities, and fostering a trusting relationship with food and my body aligned my lifestyle with my desired well-being, resulting in profound personal change.
I work with women just like me, who know they need something different.
I became fed up with the daily struggle, despising my body and self, always hoping the next diet, workout plan, or supplement would be the catalyst for health and motivation.

I didn't realize that this cycle was the very source of my self-loathing and the aggravation of my symptoms of Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and PCOS.

My brain was over flowing with obsessive thoughts over food, exercise and my body.
I lost valuable family moments to the constant worry over 'safe' foods, calorie counting, and obsessing over exercise and fasting.

My preoccupation with these details prevented me from fully engaging in and enjoying life's precious moments.
I've done it all.
Navigating through weight-loss clinics, Whole30, fasting, the AIP diet, macro tracking, and even Intuitive Eating, I realized the true solution was a tailor-made approach.

What I needed was a plan crafted specifically for my body's needs—a way to eat, move, and live that nurtured my relationship with food and my body.

In my coaching programs, that's precisely what we achieve. We create a personalized Roadmap that not only helps reverse debilitating symptoms but also empowers you to feel energized, confident, and effortlessly in tune with your body and food.
Get started for free!
Jumpstart your journey to managing Hashimoto's with our free 5-Day Hashimoto's Reset challenge. This is your starting point to foundational habits that pave the way for a healthier you. In just five days, you'll learn the core principles of managing Hashimoto's symptoms through simple, actionable steps. This challenge is designed to:

  • Introduce you to the basics of lifestyle adjustments for Hashimoto's.
  • Help you understand how daily habits influence your thyroid health.
  • Set the stage for deeper therapeutic strategies.
Perfect for anyone new to a Hashimoto's diagnosis or those seeking to refresh their knowledge, this challenge is your first step towards a more balanced and energetic life.

My education and qualifications
PN1 & PN2 Nutrition Certified
Master Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
HMCC- Health & Mindset Coach Certified
E-RYT500 (500+ hours of yoga teacher training, and over 1000 teaching hours logged)
FNMS- Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist
Trauma Informed
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