Natalie Guevara

Coaching overwhelmed & discontented women into a more empowering relationship with exercise, nutrition and their bodies so that they may live their most comfortable & confident lives.


How can I support you?

As a certified functional strength coach (with an emphasis on women’s health as well as pre/post-natal wellness), experienced yoga teacher and most importantly a busy wife and mother, I am passionate and focused on serving women with efficient, effective and evidence-based movement patterns and coaching strategies. 

Through hands on and personal experience, as well as extensive continuing education, it is my mission to inspiring and encourage women to feel confident, in control of their bodies. 

I am dedicated to show you how truly resilient you are through challenging, thoughtful and creative movement patterns. Through a body-positive, trauma sensitive lens it is my strong desire to help all women break free from self-criticism, judgement and shame replacing it with self-compassion, self-care and CONFIDENCE.

When we embark on this journey together I am here to help you imagine what is truly possible for your life and your body.

As a coach I have completed 2 personal training certifications, over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training (with specialties in pre/post-natal, anatomy and bio-mechanics, as well as trauma informed yoga).

I have trained and coached a variety of individuals, lead yoga teacher training and am an approved continuing education provider with a 5 start rating. 

Numbers matter

Natalie is dedicated to uphold continuing education standards and beyond as well as to further her knowledge and understanding personally and professionally.

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years of experience

Over 5 years dedicated full-time to serving student and clients.

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happy clients

Well over 100 clients served and satisfied.


15 specialty trainings on top of basic certifications to best serve you.

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Natalie is very knowledgeable and is so generous with what she knows. I have learned so much from her. Plus she is compassionate and is excellent at finding the perfect practice for you as an individual. I really could go on and on about how incredible Natalie is. We are blessed to have her in our community.
Tressa, yoga student
"I've been working with Natalie for over 6 months, and although the scale hasn't moved I can tell I have more muscle and no longer have any knee pain which is worth more than anything else".
Justin, virtual training client
Natalie is an amazing yoga instructor. She makes everyone feel welcome while also encouraging them to be the best they can be! I always leave her class feeling like I can do anything!
Yoga student
I've been training with Natalie for over 18 months. Without a doubt, she's changed my life! I was never one to work out but she gives me the motivation and accountability to keep going. She varies workouts to keep me on my toes and always striving to work harder. She's the BEST!
Mendy, virtual training client
Natalie is a fabulous yoga instructor. I have gained so much mobility back in my neck from some accidents I had YEARS ago. I suffered from neck pain every day and I am so happy that yoga has given me this relief. I still have aches and pains but Natalie tells me how to modify the poses to work for me right now. I have faith that I’m eventually going to be able to do the poses as they are typically supposed to look. And....she comes to me!!!!! Thank you, Natalie!!!!!
Shanda, private yoga client
Natalie has been my trainer for about 2 years. She is very knowledgeable and inspires me daily. She keeps me motivated to continue my fitness and health journey through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Natalie is kind and generous but no nonsense, which is the best combination!
Mandy, virtual training client

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