What if you could FINALLY take back control of your body & your life by reversing your symptoms of Hashimoto's or PCOS?
I help women with Hashimoto's or PCOS reverse their symptoms without fad diets or extreme supplement protocols.
What if you could FINALLY take back control of your body & your life by reversing your symptoms of Hashimoto's or PCOS?
I help women with Hashimoto's or PCOS reverse their symptoms without fad diets or extreme supplement protocols.
We can help if...
  • Your doc told you to just "lose weight" and your symptoms will improve
    Hint: stubborn weight IS a symptom, not the cause
  • Cravings, fatigue, brain-fog...
    This isn't just a random event anymore.
  • You're told you labs are normal but you still feel blah.
    Normal doesn't equal optimal. We can help.
  • You've tried long protocols, or strict diets
    But let's be honest, you want to improve your life because you HAVE ONE. No body's got time to take 32 supplements a day.
  • You're tired of embarassing, uncomfortable bloating.
    And never knowing if your favorite outfit will fit.
  • You've tried IT ALL, but just can't seem to move forward.
    It's time to quit trying it "all", and figure out what's right for you.
Hi, I'm Natalie.
A functional nutritionist, master health coach, and mindset expert who specializes in female hormones, metabolism, and thyroid disease.

I'm a mom of 3, wife of a veterinarian, obsessed with lattes, Boston Terriers, horses and the beach.

I also have Hashimoto's and PCOS.

My journey to where I am now wasn't met without years of being dismissed by medical providers.
Multiple miscarriages, and handfuls of prescribed anti-depressants.

I was told I was depressed, needed birth control to "balance my hormones", and needed to "rest more" for my fatigue.

My perseverance (aka stubborn-ness) lead me down the path of self-healing when no one would help me.

I was tired of watching my life passing me by, and at one point told my husband "this must be what it feels like to die".

I knew there was more for my life. I wanted to thrive- not just survive.

My family and I divide time between the mountains of North Carolina living in Asheville, and the sea in Wilmington, North Carolina.

When I'm not moming, or supporting my clients (and drinking copious amounts of lattes) I'm spending time on the beach, paddle boarding, hiking, riding my Peloton, knitting, or horseback riding.

I am a foodie at heart enjoying tacos, donuts and noodle dishes.
I enjoy spicy margaritas and love exploring craft breweries.
My sense of humor is dry, and while I don't watch a ton of TV, I prefer humor (Schitt's Creek)
and Star Wars
My journey...
  • Disordered eating (restriction, chronic dieting, Keto, fasting, veganism, weight-loss injections and pills)
  • Obsessive exerise
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of menstrual cycle
  • Infertility and multiple miscarriages
  • Hair loss
  • Skin issues
  • Gut issues (SIBO, bloating, constipation, IBS)

The unfortunate part is most of my issues stemmed from a poor relationship with food and my body. Using food as a reward, exercise as a punishment and trying to fit my body into an unrealistic standard.

How I help people...
Through my coaching offerings, content and podcast, we help women unlearn beliefs and patterns they've been conditioned to hold when it comes to nutrition, exercise and your body.
We take a whole-human, holistic approach.
We take a whole-human, holistic approach.

We understand nutrition and exercise are so much more than a meal plan, a diet, or generic protocol.

A holistic approach considers the whole human. Your uniqueness, history, lifestyle, circumstances and personal preferences.

Health is more than a number, a type of food, or workout.

There for your strategy should take into consideration more than arbitrary numbers, foods or workouts.
Through a hormone first, pro-metabolic lens.
When working with women we focus on a hormone first, pro-metabolic approach.

Meaning, we help you re-learn how to communicate with your body.

Supporting trust, safety, and healing.

So you never have to search outside of yourself, or for another fad diet ever again.
Equal parts science nerd, and hippie.
Offering an evidence based approach, I take pride in staying on top of current research, and understandings through an open and curious mindset, continuing education, and mentorship so that my you don't have to waste your valuable time and energy doing so.

Combined with a decade of yoga teacher trainings, energy work, breath work and meditation, we take a true mind-body approach with the understanding that your health and wellness doesn't simply stop with food, supplements and exercise.
My education and qualifications
PN1 & PN2 Nutrition Certified
Master Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
HMCC- Health & Mindset Coach Certified
E-RYT500 (500+ hours of yoga teacher training, and over 1000 teaching hours logged)
FNMS- Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist
Trauma Informed
How we can work together
Coaching offerings and programs
1:1 Private Coaching
The Hashimoto's Lifestyle Roadmap
6 Week Coaching Opportunity
The Metabolism, Mindset & Macros Podcast
The Metabolism, Mindset and Macros Podcast
A Mind-Body Nutrition and Lifestyle podcast focused on Metabolism, Mindset and Macros for women struggling with symptoms of hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, or PCOS.
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