1:1 Personal Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
The ONLY coaching program for women with Hashi's & PCOS read to give up dieting so they can finally love the way they look & feel (for good).
Be the woman you always wanted to see in the mirror without wasting time (and money) on fad diets, crappy meal plans, and a pantry filled with supplements.
This you?
  • Constantly critiquing yourself when you catch a glimpse in the mirror
    wishing you could enjoy getting dressed, wanting to feel confident in what you want to wear.
  • Wish you could just live a NORMAL life
    without feeling controlled by food and consumed by thinking about food and your body.
  • There never seems to be enough time
    someone or something always needs your attention.
  • Feel like you always run out of willpower
    and so you're punishing yourself with shame over and over again.
  • You have a graveyard of failed diets and meal plans...
    feeling like stuck and wondering whether or not you should start another. (NOPE)
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You can...
  • Get results (AND MAINTAIN THEM) without your life revolving around an eating and exercise schedule.
  • STOP dieting, and start eating in an easy, effortless and efficient way (that includes your fave foods)
  • Get unstuck, despite how many times you've been let down. (hint, you've been set-up, and it's NOT YOUR FAULT)
Metabolism, Mind, & Macros is perfect for...
the driven, busy, and exhausted mama who just wants to live a normal life with their food. Who is tired of feeling so controlled and consumed by food and her body.
Who wants to LIVE more, and get back to feeling like herself (without wasting more precious time on another unsustainable BS diet).

Hi! I'm Natalie
Certified Nutritionist,
Personal Trainer, &
Female Hormone/
Metabolism Expert
If you're anything like I was, you're probably sitting there with a graveyard of failed diets, meal plans and supplements wondering if you really just lack the willpower and follow through to reach your goals.

You desperately want to find THE FIX so you can shimmy into your favorite jeans without immediately feeling the shame or self-loathing around how they fit or feel.

Yet there never seems to be enough time between your life obligations, uh and hello, just wanting to be a normal human being that enjoys her food.

As a mom of 3 ranging from 15- 6 months, I get you!
And I can help.

This group coaching mentorship is truly the only one of it's kind, and was born out of a desire to support women loving themselves through food and fitness without the restrictive and punishing BS plans they've been conditioned to believe they need.

I have combined over a decade of knowledge, personal experience and a passion for serving to create a place so you don't have to struggle in the same way I did.

The roadmap...
... to loving your reflection in the mirror while living in total food freedom.
your metabolism, mindset and most importantly your
Learn how to understand your metabolism, and eat in a way that not only supports your goals, but actually FEELS good.
By restoring your metabolism, your mindset and your relationship to exercise you'll not only learn how to achieve your results, but how to maintain them.
Eliminating overwhelm ✔️
and creating confidence and belief in yourself that YES, you can do this.
We will support you in discovering the BEST workouts to live the life you desire, and the importance of valuing rest.
Discover your unique superpowers, begin rewriting those self-defeating (and self-fulfilling prophecy) liming beliefs so you can end self-sabotage and get out of your own damn way once and for all.
Un clutter your mind✔️
Reframe old beliefs, and begin to untangle patterns that have held you hostage so you can build a lifestyle that sustains and supports you (forever).
Never feel stuck and confused again when you know how, what, and why to eat.
Trust your body and yourself to know what you need, and what to do.
Focusing on your nutrition and fitness as if should be, life giving. (rather than all consuming and life sucking)
Learn the habits, behaviors and beliefs that create permanent changes (and still enjoy your favorite foods) ✔️
Use them to create a plan that is truly your own so if can evolve and grow right alongside you. ✔️
Remove the guesswork and mentally draining indecisions by reclaiming your own self-trust and inner compass ✔️
Be accountable not only to coaches, and an amazing community of likeminded individuals, but most importantly build resilience throughout the process becoming accountable to YOURSELF.
Through support, connection, community and the space this program provides, you'll unite your current reality with the 2.0 version of yourself.
Resilience is a practice of learning, growing and transformation.
Through our unique framework, and coaching process you'll be working on this final step throughout the entire program proving to yourself that you can confidently do this (forever).
Building a resilient metabolism ✔️
A resilient mind ✔️
and a body you're proud of and feel at HOME in ✔️
Love what you see in the mirror,
get the most of our your one and only life,
live a long, healthy, satisfying life,
feeling like yourself again.

This is the last program you'll ever need, because not only will you be clear on what to do, you'll actually WANT to do it (because it's sustainable, and works FOR YOU).
Stop avoiding yourself in the mirror.
Feel confident slipping into your favorite jeans.
Plug your energy leaks shocking your family with your endless ability to keep up with your kids.


Experience the knowledge, support and guidance of top notch coaches without paying for one full-time.

Just some client results from following our method...
Listen to Episode 75 of the STRONG Podcast to hear my client Joy's amazing transformation!
  • "Whoa, I feel 90% better than I did in we're only 4 weeks in!"
  • "PMS symptoms are WAY better and my period came on time which has been iffy."
  • "I've lost 6 lbs in 8 weeks, but most importantly I don't even care because of how good I feel!"
  • "I'm so happy with my progress. I am feeling better not just physically, but mentally as well"
Wondering if this could REALLY work for you?
I see you.
Heck, I WAS you.
Frustrated, defeated, and really feeling like you should be able to do this on your own.
Maybe feeling like you'll "be stuck like this forever".
Support, guidance, and the SPACE to become was a literal game changer for me.
Allowing yourself to receive support is a sign of strength, and will be the first step of long lasting MEANINGFUL change.

For less than $5 a day, here's how this WILL work for you:
  • Deeper coaching diets NEVER address
    Each week our coaches will host an intimate, interactive Coffee and Coaching Zoom room where they'll coach on a topic related to the season, theme or what's coming up in the community space.
    Listen in, ask questions or listen to the replay.

    These calls are small, intimate, and extremely high-touch - by design. This is to encourage deeper conversations, bigger breakthroughs and a true sense of being seen and heard without feeling rushed by or glazed over.

    $400 value
  • Community, connection and accountability like you've never experienced
    Many of you have been struggling in silence for way too long. This can be a lonely process, but no more!
    This is a safe space.

    We SEE you in this.

    You'll find the connection, support and companionship in this space unmatched.

    $99 value
  • Unlimited support
    Ask a coach! ANYTIME.

    No bots or influencers calling themselves a "coach" here.

    When you're stuck receive REAL support from educated and experienced coaches who have been through it and are currently in the trenches with you.

    Seek support 24/7 and receive a response in the format our coaches feel will be most transformative within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

    $800 value
  • Easy to use resources that fit your life
    Unclutter your brain and quit wasting your precious time on Google!
    Videos, audio and worksheets to help you overcome obstacles (and direction on when and how to utilize them)
    Courses and coaching to help meet you where you are and support you in what you need.
  • Workouts for gym or home
    Know what, when and how to spend your valuable time for the best results.

    No more guesswork.

    Workouts following appropriate progressions complete with descriptions and demos in an easy to use, customized app.

    Track your progress, ask questions, and become someone who truly enjoys exercise!

    $250+ value (personal training session along range from $50-$150 PER session! Our programming consists of 3 (+1 optional) workouts weekly.
  • Workshops, events and bonuses.
    • Weekly bonus Mindset Mondays where we dive deep into some of the limiting believes and thought traps we get caught up in
    • Bonus seasonal resources to guide you through life's most challenging times
    • Recipes to support you in building your own, unique, effective, effortless and enjoyable eating plan.
    • Quarterly interactive workshops
    • Monthly themes and challenges to hold you accountable
    And more!

    (we can't put an amount of this value!)
Let's do this thing!
For less than $5 a day, receive coaching, guidance and support to FINALLY love your reflection in the mirror without wasting any more time on unsustainable, BS diet rules

More questions?
I know you're tired of avoiding your reflection in the mirror.
I also know you're having a difficult time trusting yourself to try yet another thing.
I guarantee you, this is the only program of its kind.
So to help you be a 100% "hell yes", I'd love for you to share any, and everything that's coming up for you so I can help you make an empowered decision for your health and future.

Let me know any additional questions you may have!
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