Fitness gadgets to add to your home gym.

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves? Today I am sharing some of my favorite wellness gadgets. I realize everyone is after ya to do this and that for that new year, new you so I thought I would share some things I love.
Ready? Now, the list I’m going to give you today is in no particular order.

First up is a Suspension Trainer. A lot of people ask me for quick total body workouts they can do at home or while they are on vacation, that don’t use any weights. 
The truth is, if you’re focusing just on bodyweight workouts, it can be pretty tough to get a balanced workout. Hitting certain muscles, like your back, can be challenging, and those muscles are so important for your overall strength and posture!

But it’s easy to create a balanced workout if you have a suspension trainer, like the ones made popular by TRX. There are a lot of other brands on the market now, which has brought the price down a bit. 
These weigh just a couple pounds and don’t take up much room, so they are very portable.A suspension trainer is made up of long straps that are adjustable, and you can hook it up to a sturdy door, a tree, a beam, or any other strong holder and get a great resistance workout for all your major muscle groups.

So if you know someone who travels a lot, or who wants a do-anything piece of home fitness equipment, a suspension trainer is a good option! Just do an Amazon search and you’ll see a lot of options.

Second is a gift pack of healthy organic teas. If you haven’t ever tried organic loose leaf teas, they take the whole tea-drinking experience to a new level with their intense flavors.

The superfood teas include teas made from wild mushrooms like chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps.  They’re super trendy right now.

They don’t have any caffeine but they can help boost your energy, and they also contain substances called adaptogens, which can improve how your body handles stress, including workout recovery. I also personally like Four Sigmatics Coffee. It does contain caffeine but you get far more bang for your buck.
And if mushroom teas sound a little too exotic, you really can’t go wrong with herbal teas. There are so many amazing flavor blends on the market! Some can help with relaxation and stress relief, while others can boost your energy without giving you the jitters the way coffee can.

The next item looks and feels a little like a torture device but is a great gift for your inner athlete.

It’s an acupressure mat, and a lot of people say that lying on one for 15-20 minutes helps them with recovery, relaxation, and pain relief.
These foam mats contain thousands of little spiny, needle-y nubs that poke out, kind of like mini acupuncture needles, although these don’t actually penetrate the skin. They can help improve blood flow.

I was absolutely shocked at the number of positive and realistic reviews they get on Amazon.

These are just a few of my favorite wellness gadgets. Additionally I also love mini loop resistance bands (pair them with the TRX and you’re really cooking!) and a solid mat for yoga or working out (my go-to with a lifetime guarantee is Manduka Pro)

If you missed out on my holiday gift guide it’s still up for a while longer! Just because the holidays are winding down doesn’t mean you still can’t purchase a gift for yourself!


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