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I’m not afraid to admit that much like all of you COVID-19 has had me feeling a bit anxious as well.
As a serial planner the element of leaning into the unknown has definitely left me feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.
One way I have been working through the discomfort is through my movement practice of yoga. Throughout the last several years I can confidently say if yoga only taught me one thing it is that I can do hard things. The second way I have been dealing with the uncertainty is wracking my brain for ways that I can serve my students, clients, family and friends.
Yoga itself means to unite. It’s unity, interconnectedness. One thing I strongly believe if we take anything positive away from this time is how important that is, which is why I have chosen to share a 14 day free Home Yoga Retreat: Spring Into Space.
It is my hope through sharing my knowledge and passion for this practice that I can inspire hope, help you clear, create space and cultivate resiliency. My ask in return in lieu of payment for this course is a donation to your community, or the support of your local small businesses if you’re at all able. If you’re not, this course is my gift to you.
Please share with anyone who may enjoy, and watch out for more local collabs and giveaways (including one with Herbie Health and Wellness)
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