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How are we doing? I know, like most, emotions are running high and we’re all feeling the vibrations of what’s going on in the world.

I wanted to pop in here with some ways we are dealing, perhaps offer some encouragement and some helpful tips. However I don’t want to sugar coat it, I have been struggling quite a bit. At first I said to myself “well, you have a predominately online business anyways so just work from home alll of the time”, but if you’re a mom you overnight went from being that and maintaining a career to a caretaker, teacher and remote worker. The struggle has been intense. It has affected my creativity in what I do, it has impacted my sleep, my mental health and my overall ability to care for myself.

If you know me at all, you know I am a planner. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know gratitude journaling has been a huge part of my daily routine for a few years. If you’ve taken class with me you know meditation is something I can’t survive without. Let tell you, after a week of letting all of that fall to the wayside it is more important now than ever!
So here’s how we are dealing…

Gratitude DAILY. Dig deep. Look around. Somethings I have notice this week is the actual yoga happening in the world. People are connecting in whatever way they can because connections are being removed. Being socially distant does not have to be a disconnection. It’s a call to find yourself MORE connected because we need it. I’ve noticed an increase in kindness and service, people slowing down, observing and appreciating.
As a family we’ve started every single day journaling about emotions, feelings and what we’re grateful for.
The media is encouraging panic and hoarding. We are choosing daily to operate from a space of so much abundance and reflect on the privilege we have had to have the abundance and ability to get what we want, whenever we want it when that is most certainly not the case globally or even in our community.

Meditation daily, twice daily and sometimes three times daily. Vibrations are running everywhere, and this world can feel quite heavy if we allow it. Information is coming full speed from so many different angles and the best way to stay grounded and centered is to breathe and sit. This doesn’t have to look fancy or even be spiritual, but taking the time in silence to settle the thoughts and calm the nervous system is something we can all do in an effort to calm the anxiety and ease some of the panic.
Today is the best I have felt after re-committing to waking up daily to 15 minutes of calm and quiet as well as revisiting the effort throughout the day.

Appreciate nature. Social distancing does not mean you must remain indoors at all times. Sit outside and feel the sun on your face. Try meditating, exercising or even napping outdoors. Allow the sun to kiss your face and to remind you the dawn comes only after the darkness. Additionally Vitamin D is crucial for your health!

Move, move, MOVE! Exercise is always important, but now more than ever we need to be moving our bodies in healthy and productive ways. Bonus! We’ve used this as an opportunity here to model for the kids, get them involved and to start to instill more healthy habits. Additionally as I am sure you know, movement increases those endorphins and can help us stay more positive.

Ok, some more practical tools for all of those new work-from-homers and homeschool moms…

SCHEDULE. It may seem silly to sit down and write in a planner all the things you need to accomplish in a day when the days seem long and like this will go on forever, however when we are trying to care for ourselves it is crucial to block out self-care time, list out task and stay in a routine. Not just for results, but for mental and emotional well-being as well. We have taken the time to create a daily schedule and have been specific with what we will be doing when. This includes meal times, school work, work-work, yoga, exercise, journaling, meditation and more. The thing about long days is that just as quickly (if not quicker!) than busy days when we say “oh hey, I can do that later” it doesn’t get done. Stick to a routine, write it down and plan daily! This has been huge for my workout regimen. Those who know me know I am a morning person, and my workouts have suffered tremendously by waiting until the end of the day. No more! We have a schedule and we’re sticking to it!

Show yourself some grace…. Listen mama, this is hard. We didn’t have time to prepare, but we can do hard things I promise. Give yourself permission to give yourself a break. Show yourself some compassion and take care of yourself. So many clients have talked to me about stress eating, crying in the bathtub with ice cream, and wanting to give up. It’s ok to be stressed. Don’t beat yourself up for “stress eating”, that gets us know where! Acknowledge why you exercise and eat well (to feel our best) and move on. You deserve a break, and you deserve to be kind to yourself! Reach out to other moms, know you have community and take some deep breaths.

I’d love to hear how you’re doing, any tips you may have, and most importantly I hope you’re well and safe. So much love.

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