Natalie Guevara

Yoga Instructor

Personal Trainer

Life Empowerment Coach

Natalie has a life-long love for movement starting a a young age through dance, gymnastics and later horseback riding.
She quickly developed a passion for health and well-being later in life after giving birth to her two boys, and was able to turn that interest into a career creating Updog Wellness and Fitness.
Natalie became a certified strength coach, personal trainer, and as her passion aligned with purpose became a yoga teacher when she took her love of wellness from purely physical to mental, emotional and ultimately spiritual.
She strongly believes that we should #normalizeexercise, and whether it’s home, in the gym or on that mat she hopes to inspire individuals to enjoy movement with intention and mindfulness.
Through her own personal experience, struggles, growth and development, Natalie knows the magic of yoga and movement and has a strong desire to help others become their true best self, and to find their own alignment.
Upon completing her RYT trainings she has continued her studies at the Asheville Yoga Center, Kripalu, The Embody Love Movement, studying anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, Seane Corn, and Off the Mat into the World, as well as completing Seane Corns 5-day Spirit Speak intensive..
Through her continued studies of trauma sensitive yoga, Natalie continues to share yoga from a trauma informed lens desiring to help others find self-love, healing and deep connection through movement and breath. She believes that having the access and resources to the life changing practice of yoga is one’s birthright making an effort to provide this practice to as many individuals as possible.


Natalie is a registered yoga teacher in good standing with Yoga Alliance, logging 3000+ teaching hours.

She has completed both a 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training in addition to 50 hours of Trauma Informed Yoga for Youth, Principles of Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, 50 hours of yoga teacher training with Seane Corn, and extensive pre/post-natal studies.

She also is an approved continuing education provide through Yoga Alliance with a 5 star rating.

Natalie is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise, a certified Health and Life Coach, a certified Mind-body specialist and a certified Pilates instructor. 

She is dedicated to finding healthy ways to move that challenge body and mind to move to the next level.


What my clients say about me

Natalie is very knowledgeable and is so generous with what she knows. I have learned so much from her. Plus she is compassionate and is excellent at finding the perfect practice for you as an individual. I really could go on and on about how incredible Natalie is. We are blessed to have her in our community.
Updog Wellness Client

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