Attention millennial women with Hashimoto's or PCOS!

Transform your body and your life with our one-time nutrition audit and customized plan!
What is it?
Connect with a nutrition expert to review your current eating habits, assess your nutritional needs, and create a personalized plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy levels, or simply eat a more balanced diet, our team has the expertise to guide you on your journey.
These audits consist of an in depth nutrition in-take form, any recent applicable labwork, and a 60 minute coaching call to go deep on where you are, what's keeping you stuck, and where you want to go.

Who is it for?
This is for the woman wanting guidance and advice from a nutrition expert on how to
proceed with their nutrition and lifestyle goals. You're tired of wasting time on Google, wondering what you should be doing (or avoiding) and want a clearly laid out plan. Additionally this is perfect for previous clients wanting lab work reviewed as well as support around where to make an changes or adjustments.

This is NOT for those needing support, accountability and on-going guidance.
What's included?
In depth nutrition intake.
We will go in depth into your current lifestyle and nutrition choices to help you make the most meaningful changes.
Book your 1:1 Call
In a 60 minute coaching session we will have the opportunity for coaching and questions so your coach can put together the most customized plan for YOU!
7 days of support
Following the 60 minute call receive 7 days of Voxer coaching support to help you trouble shoot and address any lingering questions (note, Voxer messages will only be answered M-F)
Continuing implementing your new plan!
Your plan (and any resources your coach believes will be helpful) are yours to keep! If you do discover more in depth coaching is right for you, you'll have 7 days to apply your payment to 1:1 coaching.
Book your one-time nutrition audit
You'll receive your invoice and a calendar link to book your call!

Meet your head coach!
I'm Natalie Guevara, certified Macro nutrition coach, functional nutrition & metabolism specialist, and your guide for your coaching experience.

I founded my signature program, Moderation through Macros, after years of struggling with hormonal imbalances, weight and body image issues, I know all too well how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

I spent years battling fatigue, gut issues, and autoimmune disorders only to feel like I was 'just going through the motions' in life.

My passion for helping women feel validated, confident and empowered in their bodies is deeply informed by my personal journey and backed by my extensive education in nutrition specific to women's unique lifestyle and hormonal requirements.

  • Empower
  • Guide
  • and support you
To truly change how you fuel your body, feel in your skin, and show up for your life.

I cannot wait to get started on this journey together!
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