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21 Day Accountability Challenge
Level Up your Nutrition

Starts October 11th! Registration closes October 10th!
The weather is changing... the season is changing...
Heck, our lives are changing! Don't let it hold you back from your health & fitness goals!
You've worked so hard over the summer towards your weight loss and fitness goals.
And now that it's fall, it can be easy to slip into old, comfortable habits.

Nutrition struggles are one of the biggest limiting factors for most when it comes to results.

I'm here to get real with you today. Having worked with 100's of folks on their weight loss journeys, I know what it takes to get results.

I also know whether you're just starting out, or looking to improve your fitness game, nutrition can be difficult.

More importantly, the implementation (or lack thereof) can keep you stuck.

The goal of this 21 Day Level Up Challenge beginning Monday October 11th is to help you take control of your nutrition, and level up your results.

This challenge is a fat loss challenge at the core, but it will also address many life issues that have held you back, prevented you from taking action, and kept you from sticking to a plan. You will leave this program with a much deeper understanding of yourself and what drives you, stops you, and how to be successful in anything you wish to pursue.

There's one solution- you need a plan!

But what is even more difficult is implementing that plan.

What do I get with the program?

  • Full detailed flexible meal plan packed with awesome recipes you'll want to make over and over again
  • A detailed workbook to keep you on track.
  • Me in your inbox (and on your smartphone!) every single day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past.
  • A new outlook on what's possible in your life that extends far beyond food and weight loss (I'm incorporating a lot of components of life coaching into this program)

  • Average weight loss will be 8-10 pounds in 21 days if you follow the program

  • New levels of confidence that'll have you feeling you can dominate any area of your life you choose!

When does it start?

We officially start on Monday, October 11th. You will have all the materials you need by the morning of Saturday, October 9th so you can fully prepare.

Your registration must be received no later than Sunday October 10th.

Who's it for?
This is for you it:
  • You want to lose weight/body fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Feel better
  • Need motivation
  • Are ready to live healthier year round
  • If you struggle knowing what 'diet' to follow
  • Get overwhelmed when your routine is thrown off
  • Struggle with a specific strategy
If you've failed to lose the weight or keep it off in the past, most likely the issue was lack of coaching and accountability. Coaching changes lives and accountability keeps you on track – between Coach Preston and I you've got both for you for the full 21 days.

I know you are questioning whether or not now is the time you can be successful.

You want to lose the weight, but you're afraid of giving up, of falling off the wagon, of starting over again…

And I want to challenge you to start thinking differently this time.

Start by believing in yourself. I know I believe in you!

Hi! I'm Natalie, a certified functional nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and creator of Moderation through Macros.

As a macro nutrition, and metabolic female specialist, it is my passion and purpose to help you find true freedom in your body through sustainable nutrition and exercise.

My unique approach recognizes that you're not meant to live to just diet. I don't see you as a number or a meal plan, but rather a human-being with a unique story, history, lifestyle and preferences.

Moderation through Macros, my signature coaching program, was created with the hustlin' mom in mind.
No meal plans, no strict protocols, restriction or deprivation. Only true, lasting food freedom, real results and a sustainable lifestyle where your nutrition and fitness works for you.

With that in mind, I have created this 4-week group coaching program to jump start your success, or help you sustain your results through the hectic holiday season.

Don't struggle on your own. I'm here to help!

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