Find your alignment.

Journal of tips, tricks and techniques to motivate your movement
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Find your Alignment!

Guys, I have labored LONG and hard over this first episode.In times of pandemic, it’s hard to know what to say, so I just did.I am so excited to finally release the Find Your Alignment Podcast! The podcast for ALL things health and well-being. I have so many fabulous guest

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Home Quarantine

How are we doing? I know, like most, emotions are running high and we’re all feeling the vibrations of what’s going on in the world. I wanted to pop in here with some ways we are dealing, perhaps offer some encouragement and some helpful tips. However I don’t want to

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Use the power of your CURRENT habits to create new, healthier habits.This FREE guide outlines a simple process for creating new habits that has very little to do with willpower, discipline, or motivation.