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Yoga Classes

Download the app today for access to my signature yoga classes! More added all of the time!

Movement Motivation

No equipment to light dumbbell and resistance band workouts!
New workouts added monthly with a suggested workout calendar! Download now to jump in on this month, with access to archived workouts!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Monthly guided meditations and tips to help you find your center and be your best self.
The app also includes a journal and habit tracker.


Mobile App
$ $19
  • 6 New Workouts Monthly
  • Habit & Mindset Coaching
  • 2 New Yoga Classes per Month
  • 3 New Meditations per Month
  • New Recipes Added Monthly
  • Monthly Workout Calendar

Virtual Movement motivation

$360/ month

A monthly commitment to find your alignment through daily movement. One weekly 1 hour virtual training session to work together and check in, daily programming through your own mobile app, and 24/7 access to me as your coach! 

  • 3 Weekly virtual training sessions
  • Bonus programming for "off days"
  • Accountability and motivation
  • App Access Included

Mentorship & Life Coaching

$300 / month x 2 months

Are you looking for encouragement and guidance to grow your yoga career? I am passionate about sharing the mistakes I have made, tools and tips I’ve picked up along the way and helping others meet their goals not just personally and physically, but professionally as well!
I are you looking to find clarity or purpose and reach for more personally? Are you looking to establish or level up your home yoga practice? Fine tune your yoga practice? 
This 8 week mentorship is just for that. Choose the option that best suits you.
On a professional path we will look at:
-Social Media
-Establishing your core values
-Habits within your career
-Creating your “why”
-Mindset barriers
-Effective planning and execution
On the personal path:
-Discovering your “why” personally
-Establishing healthy habits and goals
-Personal core values

  • Weekly virtual check in meeting
  • Daily assignments to reach for your goals
  • Personal path to include yoga movement.

Meet your coach! 

Natalie considers herself a “movement motivator”. She strongly believes that movement should be accessible, affordable, convenient and FUN! As a certified strength coach, personal trainer, life coach and experienced yoga teacher, she thrives off of creating inspiring and effective movement patterns. Her focus is on busy moms needing the knowledge and motivation to fill their cup! She infuses yoga, strength and mindset for a true total body experience. 


I am brand new to yoga and excited to start, what do you recommend?

For brand new yogis I recommend choosing the personal coaching option. Together we can find the best way to practice suiting your individual needs. We will spend 8 weeks intensely working together and from there you will be prepared to move to the online classes option! 

What's your cancellation policy?

For the online classes it’s simple. Just use the contact form to e-mail your cancellation request. You will get a response confirming your cancellation!
For virtual training sessions 24 hour notice is required to cancel unless of an emergency situation or illness. Cancellations less than 24 hours are non-refundable. 
If you have a training program I kindly ask that you give 14 days notice to avoid programming for your next month.

I'm training for a race or other athletic event, what do you recommend I start with?

If you have a very specific goal I recommend choosing the virtual movement option. We will have a consultation where we will dive into your goal and come up with a sustainable and achievable plan together.

I recently gave birth and have been cleared for movement, where do I start?

Depending on where you are in life I have two possible paths in this scenario.
The first option would be to consider virtual movement coaching. Depending on your pre-pregnancy activity level we may possibly want to add additional sessions meeting together.
If you’re needing a little TLC I would recommend personal empowerment coaching. We will work through meditation, journal-ling and healthy movement in this new season of life. A lot of moms find this therapeutic as they begin to regain their personal identity and repair their bodies at the same time.

I've been working out for YEARS. What do you have for me?

Well friend, it depends on what you want out of your workouts! 🙂 If you’re interested in changing it up, seeking a little motivation, maybe a push to move a little further, lets go with virtual movement coaching. If you’re bored with your workouts and want exciting and inviting workouts continuously offered for you, hit the unlimited fitness class option! Better yet, move with strength and with flow adding yoga in too! 

I am a yoga teacher wanting to refine my teaching skills and move further in my career. What can you help me with?

Lets chat! I offer free consultations to chat about whether or not we SHOULD work together and if we have things to offer one another. I offer a professional mentorship just for you. I am passionate about sharing the mistakes I have made and to help others navigate around those. Lets change the world together.

Join Happy, healthy, successful clients and students!

I can ‘t wait to see how we can best work together!

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