Nutrition Audits &

Hormone Testing for Women
Tired of endlessly spinning your wheels without results?
Look no further.
My approach...
A whole-human approach to lasting results.
  • I look at the whole picture.
    It's so much more than food, fitness, or even just lab numbers. You need a unique, individual approach.
  • We figure out the best tool for the job.
    There are many approaches to reaching a goal. The tools we use are directly informed by your lifestyle, history, and desired outcome.
  • Personalized, individual coaching and support.
    What works for one, may not be the best for another. Together we create the strategy that is completely customized to you.
Sound familiar?
  • You've been dieting most of your adult life with no results.
  • You're doing everything right, but still gaining weight.
  • You're confused how to eat & exercise for your hormones.
Look and feel your best, effortlessly.
Let's go deep into why you don't feel the way you deserve.
Functional Testing
Functional testing is for women struggling with hormonal, gut and metabolism issues that they feel are preventing them from feeling their best.
Through functional testing we will get a clear, big picture view of what may be holding you back.
Functional testing includes laboratory testing such as blood chemistry profiles, GI-Mapping and DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones), an in-depth intake process, and a 90 minute call to go over testing results and create a comprehensive strategy.
Available with, or without continued coaching.

*note if you're currently taking hormonal birth control you will not be eligible for a DUTCH profile.

The Hashimoto's & PCOS Lifestyle Intensive
  • Initial intake and goal setting call
  • Detailed nutrition audit
  • +/- Lab testing as desired
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Voxer support in between sessions
  • Option to add functional testing throughout.
*If you're looking for a truly comprehensive approach to your health, functional testing combined with coaching is for you.

Things I help women with:
  • Hashimoto's and thyroid conditions
  • PCOS
  • Menopause
  • Helping you define what healthy looks and feels like for YOU
  • Weight support
  • Mindset and self-sabotage
  • Emotional eatingBody image

I help...
  • Women who have been told "they're fine" but they don't feel it.
  • Folks who's lab work "is all good" but they know that's not enough.

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