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No more 1:1 functional nutrition coaching for women

This may not be the super sexy or popular ’30 day shred’ you’re looking for or expecting so listen close.


My name is Natalie Guevara. I am a functional strength & nutrition coach helping overwhelmed & discontented women feel empowered & confident through a stronger relationship with exercise, nutrition and their bodies. Why? because after decades of struggling with body image, exercise addiction & disordered eating I understand the frustration & impact this can have on your life. It is not my desire or goal to get you shredded in 30 days. It is my commitment to you that by sticking with a less than sexy & conventional program you will find lasting results, happiness & freedom. Better than that, you'll do so without restriction & deprivation finding a way of life that is not only sustainable, but enjoyable. If this sounds like a plan that works for you, click here now. Need more info? Keep scrolling down!

Let’s start with where we want to be! Clearly defining where we are, and where we are going is an important place to start. Whether your goal is more energy, better balance, or fat loss, it all starts here.

  • This is the most important step in our journey together! Unfortunately, this also takes the most time. This step requires self-reflection, assessments of habits, un-learning habits, and learning self-trust. Diet culture didn’t break your trust in yourself overnight, so you shouldn’t anticipate releasing this social conditioning overnight either. This is our foundation. It will take time, it won’t be easy, but it will last a lifetime.

Stepping up from our strong foundation, we will continue building upon our developing habits, appetite awareness & intuitive eating. This step lasts for 4 weeks of the program.

Learn skills to strengthen your relationship with food & the way it fuels your body.

We will talk about reading labels, navigating cravings & more.

Without complicating your already busy life with tracking & counting, let’s learn shortcuts to keeping hunger in check, cravings at bay, energy up, & do it all while staying satisfied. (both in taste, & appetite!)

When to eat, & why. No hunger, no fasting, no cutoffs, & no restrictions.

The least important. We will talk about supplementation as it pertains to macros & meeting your energetic needs however most supplementation should be left to your MD.

No diets

No restriction, or deprivation

What is the commitment? I ask for a minimum of 8 weeks to move through the curriculum. Beyond that most women opt to stay in a minimum of 4 additional weeks for accountability and support, however it will ultimately depend on your individual goals.


  • How will this lead to weight loss?
    In order to be successful in any journey, we have to know where we are going. I’ll admit when it comes to fat loss this can be a little underwhelming because what this means is that we have to find a comfortable way to be in maintenance. Diets ALWAYS FAIL because we haven’t established a healthy baseline & dumped all energy & effort into overhauling and removing from our lives.
  • I lost weight on my own, but hit a plateau that I can’t break
    The most common problem I find in women struggling with weight loss is under eating. Yep, you read that right. You may be white knuckling & hungry right now, & this may be one of the top reasons you aren’t losing or even gaining.
  • Why am I not losing weight, or keeping it off?
    If you’re anything like me you’ve tried weight watchers, keto, intermittent fasting. You’ve tried supplements, you’ve tried extreme exercise methods but it’s just not working. You’re doing everything that ‘diet culture’ has told you to make yourself ‘smaller’ & to fit some extreme ideal. The shorter answer is there’s a lot of reasons that you may not be losing, or you may not be able to keep the weight you want to off and we will address them in a whole person approach. This includes sleep, exercise, stress management, & self-awareness.
  • Will you help me move into fat loss?
    Absolutely. I am hear to listen & support your individual goals. Frequently we move into a caloric deficit around week 12. I will support you week by week in maintaining a deficit in a healthy, positive manner. 

Question not answered? Ask away! 

No matter what nutritional skill or behavior you adopt, is the most important factor.

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