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a membership experience…

“Learn to follow the inner self, healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain”

O. Carl Simonton

Are you an overwhelmed woman that is exhausted and feeling run down from your effort so show up for others?
Throughout the last few years coaching, training and mentoring stressed women finding themselves blocked as well as energetically and emotionally drained I have found one thing to be true… we all crave more.

How would it feel to find yourself in alignment with your core truth, that truth of who you were before society told you who you were ‘supposed to be’?

How would it feel to stop living small, and to take up space aligning with your purpose?

How would your life change by ditching ‘diet culture’ and eliminating the rat race to a societal norm of what health and wellness is by discovering what you unique alignment, balance and well-being is for you?

What does saying yes to yourself through joining this membership include?

  • Monthly coaching topics aligned with our success journey with a certified Life Coach.
    Coaching topics include mindset, habits, intuitive nutrition & more centered around the 6 Elements of well-being.
  • Weekly movement practices with a certified women’s strength coach & experience yoga teacher.
    These practiced are designed to build strength from the inside out with yoga based strength training mixed with high-intensity interval circuits.
    All movement practiced are beginner friendly.
    Light hand-weights (3-5lbs) as well as a mini-loop resistance band are recommended.
  • Monthly Listening Practices (meditation) accompanied by journaling prompts to shed layers in uncovering your inner-self.
  • A monthly workbook and guide designed to provide guidance and focus surrounding the months topic.
  • A monthly LIVE coaching call and Q & A focused around that months topic
    An opportunity to be in community as well as ask questions and help break through difficulties you may be facing in each month. These calls are held on the 4th Thursday each month at 7pm EST

What you’re NOT getting….

  • Diets
  • Calorie counting
  • Body harming or punishing workouts.
  • Guilt or shame surrounding anything that does not serve you.

If you’re ready to shed layers and build yourself up, this is the experience for you!

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Meet your guide!
Natalie Guevara, CPT, ERYT & certified Life Coach brings years of fitness, anatomy & trauma informed yoga to empower, inspire and motivate you to show up for yourself. Through creative, challenging as well as SAFE, alignment based movement coaching she is passionate about helping others free their bodies & spirits to live their best life. As she is committed to help you uncover your truth & purpose through personal development, healthy movement & mindset she is equally committed to continuing her own growth both personally and professionally.

I can’t wait to see you in here!

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