High- Level 1:1 Evidence Based Coaching with Natalie
I am not your average macro nutrition coach!
Are you exhausted from...
  • endlessly spinning your wheels of diet, binge, repeat?
  • struggling to lose the same 20 pounds over and over and over again?
  • imbalanced hormones or a sluggish metabolism?
  • feeling like you can never do another cardio or exercise in order to look toned?
  • tired of just being freaking tired!

I am focused on getting to the root of your unique struggles through understanding your metabolism & hormones so you can get real results.

(Without giving up for favorite foods or being at the mercy of long, exhaustive workouts.)
How would you feel if...
  • You had a a proven path and plan that was customized to you, & actually worked.
  • You could enjoy donuts & tacos while still looking & feeling your best...
  • You spent less time at the gym all while getting incredible results…
  • You had the support and guidance at your fingertips
  • This was the end of 'I'll start again on Monday' forever

Listen, you deserve to feel the way you want.

To have answers to your fatigue, cravings, bloat, and why you're holding onto stubborn body fat.

Or to discover why it feels like your metabolism is working against you, when it should be working FOR you.

1:1 coaching is for...

  • The tired mama who is spending hours researching why she's so d*mn tired.
  • It's perfect for the women who doesn't have the hours to spend in the gym, or the energy to figure out what to do when she does.
  • This is for the mama that is frustrated by doctors visit after doctors visit only to have 0 answers as to why she has no energy and can't lose weight.
  • It's for women who have no idea where to begin, and is ready to be supported by a guide to walk her through the process of reclaiming her LIFE. One small step at a time.
  • You're ready for this is you're suspicious of your hormones being off, and you have no idea how to get them in check.
  • 1:1 coaching is for the women ready to completely overhaul their health and feel the best they've ever felt. Even beyond menopause
You have the power to create the health, body, energy & life you desire.
I'll guide you along the entire way.
How High- Level 1:1 Coaching Works:
Customized nutrition protocol
As a qualified, evidence based functional nutritionist, I'll work directly with your lifestyle, preferences and goals to create your personalized macro-nutrition protocol.
This is not a 'set it and forget it' program. Each week based on our detailed check-in we will modify and adjust as needed for optimal results.
Customized Strength & Conditioning Programing
Customized to your goals, your body, as well as time and equipment readily available to you! Plans that meet you where you are to set you up for strength and success!
Mindset management
One of the biggest struggles I see with women deal with are mindset limitations around what is possible for their health and well-being, as well as their aesthetic goals! AND I GET IT. You've been let down by other programs or maybe even coaches. Perhaps this has even damaged your ability to trust yourself.

This is why lifestyle coaching, stress management and mindset health is such an important pillar of my coaching

Many fail at reaching their goals, or achieving any kind of success in a nutrition or fitness program because of limited belief systems that have taught us to expect to fail.

So many programs are designed to set you up for failure, which is why creating a strong foundation in positive beliefs and discovering what is absolutely possible for your health and in your life is crucial for your results.

Functional Medicine & Hormone Testing
No guessing when it comes to hormone imbalances! We will get real answers through lab work and additional functional medicine testing with a 60 minute follow up with our functional medicine team via Telemedicine.
Coaching Calls & a Team of Support
In addition to your complete custom and tailored program, you'll have access to bi-weekly coaching calls with myself in addition to mental health professionals to support you with topics surrounding (but not limited to):

  • Emotional eating
  • Stress management
  • Boundaries
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Nutrition & macros tracking tricks
  • Meal planning & prepping
  • and so much more.
Support & accountability
Access to ME via my customized app M-F 9-5pm. Questions, accountability and support.
The level of support you'll receive when we work together is unmatched.
Educational Client Portal
Have access to the full Moderation through Macros coaching portal with educational tutorials on how to be successful, guides, recipes and more!
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