Personal coaching has never been easier!

Want to be in the best shape of your life?

With the easy to use online coaching app, fitting your fitness in has never been easier, more effective, or more affordable.

Why would online coaching work for you (or not)...

My coaching programs are for busy women who want to lose weight, build physical strength and confidence, get results that last. 

This is not a program to ‘beat you up’ or a crazy diet. Instead it’s about building sustainable, moderate, happy habits that you can hold on to for life.

Let’s be real. You’re here because you’ve said f-it one too many times. You’ve tried, and you’ve tried but you can’t stick it. You’re not alone. I’ve been there too. Through Weight Watchers, Keto, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, the ‘hungry method’….

98% of self directed programs fail. This is why I, myself, after years in the fitness and wellness industry have a coach of my own! 

Fads come an go. Let’s learn how to eat for life.  I’ll teach you doable daily actions that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Bottom line: I’ll help you make fitness and nutrition a part of your life, without being your life.

Mama, you shouldn’t have to do this alone! This is why I am constantly chatting with my clients, checking in and providing support, or sometimes just an ear to listen.

You’re busy, you shouldn’t have to do it all. Let me help you make fitness and nutrition easier for you.

How does it work?

With our easy to use online platform, I’ll take the information collected in our initial one hour online consultation (via Zoom) and create your entire custom program. This will be built based on your goals, your individual needs, health challenges, equipment available, daily routine and TIME available. Each and every program is evidence based and I have a money back guarantee! 

*Evidence based means that your program is a combination of studies and proven research, experience from years of coaching, AND your unique goals and training preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we communicate and check-in?

Through the Trainerize system we have the convenient 2 way messaging system. I ask that you ‘report’ after each and every workout letting me know how it went, and how you’re feeling. In addition we will have scheduled check-in calls.

How will I know how to perform an exercise?

Each workout, each exercise has complete demonstration videos. If there is still any confusion you can use the messaging system to ask questions. Through the messaging service I am able to send videos directly to you, as you are to me clearing up any confusion.

Do I need a gym membership?

Absolutely not. Programs can, and are, tailored to what you have available. We can make it work! 

Do I need to purchase equipment?

 Nope! I will make recommendations for a ‘perfect world’, but once again we’re looking to remove stress, not add it.

Do I need to download software?

Yes, you will download the Trainerize app. Don’t worry, once you register I will send you your download link! 

How will I pay?

Payments will be automatically down through the Trainerize system via Stripe. Your credit card statement will say ‘Updog Wellness’.

I ask for a 90 day commitment with each new program, and being that each month is programmed in advance I just respectfully ask for a 30 day notice to cancel.

Ready to take action?

We can get rolling as soon as tomorrow!

Contact me today for your free goal setting session!

Why train with me?

After years of weight and body image issues, I know all too well how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

In addition to my extensive continued education in effective, and efficient coaching methods, my passion for helping women feel validated, confident and empowered in their bodies is deeply informed by my personal journey.

The keys to creating lasting change are vulnerability, and consistency. Both are hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Aside from my personal investment in your success, I also have years of experience in online training. Online training, although very effective and efficient, is quite different than in person training. Whether it is myself, or another trainer, I urge you to choose one who has training and education on safely training and supporting online.

My number one goal as a trainer is to keep you safe. The second? To make sure I do everything in my power to support you in achieving the fit and well life you desire and deserve.