Attn women with Hashimoto's...
The Hashimoto's Lifestyle Roadmap is a 6 week coaching program to help you take charge of your health, reduce your symptoms of Hashimoto's and THRIVE!
(Without fad diets or extreme supplement protocols)
We start June 5th.
The Lifestyle Roadmap is the only coaching program for women with Hashimoto's to begin reversing their symptoms of autoimmunity without restrictive dieting or extreme supplement protocols so you can move from surviving to thriving.
Our coaching program is rooted in the belief that women with Hashimoto's have the power to reclaim their health and reverse their symptoms through autonomy and choice, and by empowering our clients with knowledge around autoimmunity, its management, and building resilience to navigate the inevitable ups and downs through the process.

We believe by embracing your autonomy and making informed choices, you can implement personalized strategies around nutrition and lifestyle to restore your well-being to move from surviving to thriving.

Through our beliefs of autonomy, choice, empowered knowledge, and support we believe women with Hashimoto's can transform their lives regaining their vitality, balance and JOY.
It's not just "in your head"
  • 3pm energy slump
  • waking ready to go back to bed
  • foggy brain causing you to forget while you entered a room
  • stubborn weight that won't budge despite eating clean and working out daily
  • hair loss
  • lack of sex drive
  • muscle and joint pain
Are your bodies way of sounding an alarm.


But you can
  • Live your life instead of watching it pass you by.
  • Have clarity on what your body is communicating to you through understanding your symptoms and what triggers them.
  • Enjoy food while minimizing flares.
  • Create a lifestyle in support of your autoimmunity that you don't hate.
  • And not choke on buckets of supplements.

Hi, I'm Natalie
A functional nutritionist, master health coach, and mindset expert who specializes in female hormones, metabolism, and thyroid disease.

I'm a mom of 3, wife of a veterinarian, obsessed with lattes, Boston Terriers, horses and the beach.

I also have Hashimoto's and PCOS.

My journey to where I am now wasn't met without years of being dismissed by medical providers.
Multiple miscarriages, and handfuls of prescribed anti-depressants.

I was told I was depressed, needed birth control to "balance my hormones", and needed to "rest more" for my fatigue.

My perseverance (aka stubborn-ness) lead me down the path of self-healing when no one would help me.

I was tired of watching my life passing me by, and at one point told my husband "this must be what it feels like to die".

I knew there was more for my life. I wanted to thrive- not just survive.

After a decade of my own journey, education and experience with hundreds of women, I created The Hashimoto's Lifestyle Roadmap.
The exact thing I needed when no one would listen.
The Hashimoto's Lifestyle Roadmap
Is for the woman ready
  • To say goodbye to the conflicting information on the internet.
  • Doctors being dismissive.
  • Wants direct information without all the excess fluff.
  • Implementable strategies that don't require a 2 hour morning routine, dumping out your pantry, or becoming a hermit for 6 weeks.
  • Is done feeling alone in her struggles.
    Your thyroid exist in every cell of your body.
    Which is why we MUST take a whole-human, holistic approach to healing and reversing your symptoms.
    Something that simply taking thyroid medication, dieting and a ton of supplements can't do.
    The Hashimoto's Lifestyle Coaching Program Is:

    • A 6 week coaching program beginning Monday, June 5th, with weekly coaching calls and in between text/voice support.

    • Designed to be implemented in just 20 minutes per day (outside of our weekly 60 minute coaching call)

    • Focused on simple, sustainable, real-life strategies you won't hate.

    • The only one of its kind.

    I created this for:

    • The woman who's tired of being told by her doctor "your lab work is fine, it's all in your head".
    • Who has "done it all", and isn't getting results.

    Who is ready to:
    • Finally feel better
    • Reduce the autoimmune attack on your body
    • Understand her symptoms and triggers
    • Reverse the symptoms of Hashimoto's so she can get back to living a life she loves.

    I want to chat more about this!
    Fill out this quick questionnaire and I'll be in touch to chat about whether or not this is a great fit for you!
    How It Works
    Week 1: Understanding Hashimoto's: The Basics and Beyond
    • Intro to Hashimoto's disease and its impact on YOUR body.

    • Common symptoms and triggers

    • Real life strategies for managing symptoms and improving your quality of life.
    Week 2: Healing from the Inside Out: Nutrition and Lifestyle
    • The role of nutrition in managing your Hashimoto's symptoms- more clarity and how to manage your systems inside of this.

      • Understanding the relationship between diet, and your Hashimoto's

      • Reviewing the basic components of "good nutrition"

      • The role of gluten and dairy

    • Overview of supplements that can support thyroid function

    • Lifestyle changes that can improve energy, sleep, and stress management
    Week 3: Exercise, Hashimoto's and You
    • FINALLY, feel more clear and confident on what movement can look like for you and your body without inflaming your body further, creating more fatigue, or burning you out.

    • Understand the different types of exercise and what's most effective for you.

    • Take away practical tips on how to fit exercise into your life when you don't have time for it.

    • An overview of yoga, meditation and other stress management modalities.
    Week 4: Hormones and Hashimoto's
    • Take away doable strategies for optimizing your gut health, reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system.

    • Balance your hormones through lifestyle changes

    • Learn practical tips for balancing and managing blood sugar levels.
    Week 5: Empowering Mindset: Managing Stress and Building Resilience
    • The connection between stress and Hashimoto's

    • Mind-body techniques for managing stress and anxiety

    • Building more resilience to navigate the inevitable highs and lows of Hashimoto's.
    Week 6:Navigating your Hashimoto's Journey: Building your Support System
    • Identifying and working with providers who won't just tell you to get more rest.

    • Eliminate your alone-ness by connecting with others who have Hashimoto's and building a community of support.

    • Feel more confident advocating for health and getting the support you need.
    Through our comprehensive core coaching calls, you'll leave with a deep understanding of your condition, learn how to manage your symptoms, identify your triggers, and implement sustainable changes that will move you from surviving to thriving.
    Imagine waking up each morning like you've already had that latte you're craving.

    Picture yourself having the energy to pursue your passions, engage fully in your relationships, and thrive in your personal and professional life.

    Or maybe you no longer feel like you need a nap between your shower and putting on your jeans.
    Ready to move forward with clarity, confidence and direction?
    We start June 5th!
    Pay in full for 6 weeks of coaching, messaging in between sessions, and a 1:1 coaching call
    I'm in!
    2 payments, 4 weeks apart for 6 weeks of coaching, messaging in between sessions and a 1:1 coaching call
    Sign me up!
    What ya get...
    60 minute weekly coaching session
    6, 60 minute coaching sessions held Mondays at 12pm EST. Replays available same afternoon for your to download and access over-and-over.
    Access to me, you nutrition and lifestyle expert between session
    This isn't a "here's your info, figure it out" program. You'll have What'sapp access to me, your coach, Monday-Thursday in between sessions for questions and support implementing your strategy so you stay motivated, encouraged and focused.
    A group of like-minded folks
    A group What'sApp chat for support and connection so you no longer feel alone.
    1, 1:1 Coaching Call
    Between weeks 4 and 6, you and I will get on a 20 minute 1:1 coaching call so you're crystal clear on where you're going and what your focus should be to get lasting results.
    I'm in!
    Enroll now for an investment of $597 to get started June 5th!
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    Have more questions, or need a payment plan?
    Fill out this quick questionnaire and I'll be in touch to chat about whether or not this is a great fit for you!
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