Strong Mama's & Macros Nutrition Coaching

Lose 10-20 lbs in an average of 16 weeks by balancing your hormones and transforming your body so that you can confidently keep it off for good!
Look, if you're a mom life is probably pretty busy and messy, and likely that won't change.
I know you've tried to do all the right things:
Get up earlier to workout;
Force yourself to want the chicken and broccoli;
and said no to the ice cream.

And it probably left you frustrated, miserable, and feeling like you'd wasted time and effort for nothing.
Isn't it time that your nutrition and fitness was truly tailored to YOU!?
I think so, and that's exactly why Strong Mama's and Macros was born!
Is this you?
Done with restrictive dieting
You've tried it all. Restricting, keeping it out of the house, and doing everything to muster up more willpower.
Only, willpower doesn't last and neither does the motivation to keep trying.
What does is a focus on solid habits and flexibility and that's what you'll be coached on!
You're ready to lose the weight, transform your body, and keep it off!
Perhaps you've dieted your whole life, but still never managed to truly get a handle on what you need for lasting change.
You exercise consistently, but it doesn't work.
You're tired, hungry, and never seem fully rested or recovered....
Or maybe you want to get fitter, stronger, and faster but just can't seem to get your lifestyle to match your goals...
I'm here for it. Let's do this!
You're ready to learn how to make changes that are actually sustainable, and that will benefit you for life.
Struggling over and over with unsustainable diets and relying on willpower to reach your goals results in frustration, a vicious cycle of restricting and bingeing that leave you working way harder than you need to for no results!
This has to stop, and it stops right here.
You want an individualized custom approach
There are no cookie cutter approaches around here!
Each weekly check-in you get real, customized, individualized strategy, support and feedback.
This coaching program is for those who are ready to great a real, honest relationship with their coach.
You want the skills to manage your fitness & nutrition, not just being constantly told what not to do.
Through the 16 week program, you can expect to be guided, supported and coaching in all aspects of not only achieving success, but also in away that empowers you to take ownership of your path and your journey.
I strongly believe that ownership and autonomy are huge pieces in helping you create a lifestyle that you love and that supports your health and happiness.
You're ready for serious change!
I am here and fully committed to work with women who are fully committed to their process and their success.
If you're ready to step up and shine, I'd love to get your application!
Because of the personalized, high touch approach to my coaching method, only a small number of women are accepted for coaching at a time.
How It Works
Once your application is accepted, you'll simply start to track your food (don't worry, there's instructions for that!) once you have tracked 5-7 days we will do your initial "Nutrition Audit" to create your customized plan for success!
You'll check-in weekly via your customized plan and the custom app.
Attend live coaching calls, or listen to the recording available in your client portal after the fact.
Ask questions, get support, and be held accountable to your goals!
Keep showing up, and SUCCEED!
What is macro tracking or counting?
Macros refers to the nutrients our body needs in larger quantities, and macro nutrition is a form of 'flexible dieting'.
Strong Mama's & Macros nutrition coaching philosophy is centered around Moderation through Macros. Moderation through Macros is a nutrition curriculum combining a deeper understand of your unique make-up, the science of macro counting and Moderation365.
Strong Mama's & Macros is all about fueling your body properly for lifestyle, performance and aesthetic related goals

while customizing your program to meet your preferences, culture and foodie lifestyle!

There are no good or bad foods around here, and no need for cheat days when we're building a plan we love.

This method breaks the chain of restricting and bingeing so that you can create healthy habits that matter.

Is this right for me?
I do not believe in the one size fits all nutrition approach.
Yes, moderation, macro tracking and flexible nutrition can 100% be effective for everyone, however it may not be right for you and that's ok! This is the purpose of the application process and the initial discovery call.
It is a great choice if you are ready to put in the work and show up for the process.
Clients moving through this process lose an average of 10-20lbs in 16 weeks and keep it off.
This is for women only.
If you are pregnant or breast feeding I will recommend a different program and approach to meet that season.
Women have achieved incredible results working with me from the busy mom all the way to the competitive CrossFit athlete.
How is this different?
The backbone of Strong Mama's & Macros is based on breaking up with 'diet mentality' of needing to restrict and deprive yourself from foods that you enjoy and that are important to you.
There's no clean or dirty around here, or cheat meals either. This is a no rules zone!
What we will focus on instead is building habits and positive choices around the lifestyle you want to live.
What if I don't want to lose weight?
You're welcome at this table!
This is a great program for any goal you're working towards. Through the customized approach women come through this program for things like reverse dieting, muscle gain, fat loss, or even a better understanding of maintenance.
Nutrition will help you improve all areas of your life from daily energy, focus, performance, sleep, and recovery.
Not only that, but a better understanding of macro nutrition will help you understand how to meet your specific goal.

Does moderation mean I can eat junk all of the time?
Uh, sorry, but no. 
The idea here is that we step away from restriction, but rather take a different approach to treats and desserts or eating out. You can have it, if it fits. We actually work together to plan certain treats (nutritional relief) in your plan so that you're never feeling like you need a 'treat yo' self' moment.
Eating junk won't help you reach your goal any quicker than restriction. Balance my friends!
Do I have to work out?
Great question! 
The three pillars of the coaching course are:
  1. Macros
  2. Muscles
  3. Mindset
You'll be provided with a progressive overload strength training program in the custom app, complete with demos and instructions.
This is highly recommended, but not required.
The program is built off of foundational habits, nutritional mindfulness and exercise is at the very tip top.
Many are successful in this program while recovering from injury, surgery, or just don't have time for traditional exercise.
We're all about meeting you where you are!

More questions!? Get in touch!
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