Holiday party tips and tricks for macro success!

We're officially jump starting the summer season this weekend, WOOHOO!

But wait! What does that mean for your goals and all the progress you've made thus far?

It doesn't have to mean anything. As I love to remind each and every one of my coaching clients, having more tools and resources than obstacles and barriers will guarantee your success every time.

So today I thought I would share with you some of my go-to strategies for success (hint: these work great for any holiday, special occasion, or travel)

My top 3 strategies for success over a holiday:
  1. Make breakfast your most important meal of the day! It seems so basic (and it is) but it is also incredibly effective! A few common mistakes I see women make when preparing for a special meal is to: calorie hoard (or macro hoard, which can be helpful, but most take it to the extreme in fasting for most of the day) or to over exercise as a way to "earn" their special meal which winds up fueling hunger and cravings, which dominoes into them over doing it at the meal and negates the exercise in the first place. You NEVER have to earn food, and food is the most effective way to see weight loss anyways. Making your breakfast balanced with an emphasis on protein is a great way to keep you on track, fill you up, help with satiation, and help balance cravings. Here is a guide I wrote with some of my favorite protein heavy breakfast ideas.
  2. Eat beforehand! No, this isn't referring to stopping at the salad bar before a cookout or party so that you aren't tempted by the other food. (spoiler: you'll still want the delicious BBQ, so don't think that by eating rabbit food you're going to save a ton of calories) What I am r referring to here piggy backs off the mistake of calorie hoarding. We don't want to eat an entire meal before going out or heading to a cookout, but we want to find balance in not showing up totally starving! I will often have a delicious protein shake before heading to an event so again I know I am on my protein game, I have something in the tank that will help with satiation and fullness, and will allow me to pause and be more mindful and aware of my choices. The key to actually being successful in your nutrition is building that mindfulness and awareness muscle so that you can create that self trust around any and all foods and only choose the things that are truly a "worth it" bite for you. One sure way to block any sort of mindfulness and awareness is to show up starving and just willing to eat where ever!
  3. Log a dessert! If you're anything like me (or you've worked with me for awhile and understand the importance of preemptive cheats) you've got dessert at home! Building on mindfulness and awareness, you know you're going to want a dessert or sweet treat at a celebration. Another exercise here is to pre-track or log your dessert at home, guaranteeing that you're going to make room for it, and then you can compare to the offerings at the event. Use your mindfulness skills and decide if you want to swap, or it you will wait until you get into your jammies at home for your special evening treat! If you choose to swap, practice intermittent sampling by having a smaller serving, sharing with a family member, spouse or friend, and then take the time to surf any disappointment around having more to decide if you're actually satisfied with what you have. You never have to leave any celebration feeling restricted or deprived! If you choose the dessert at home just know you're leaving excited for what is waiting for you.

I hope that these tips are helpful in helping you navigate some of the upcoming summer activities! We'd love to have you share your own strategies in the Strong Mama's and Macros community! Come join us! 
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