What's the deal with Carbs?

We want better carbs, NOT fewer carbs
Many people avoid carbohydrates these days, thinking that carbs make them fat.

Big mistake.

Carbs are your friends!
And the more active you are, not only the better a friend they’ll be, but the more you truly need them.

Even if you have hormonal or metabolic issues (such as hypothyroid, PCOS, or problems regulating blood sugar) — or even especially if you have these issues — smart carbs are still a valuable part of most people's diets.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making, is cutting carbs too low.
Very few people look, feel, and perform their best on very low-carb diets, not to mention the long term hormonal and metabolic damage it can cause.

Eliminating carbs can cause:
  • Poor energy through the day.
  • Feeling of deprivation (and ultimately binging later)
  • Anxiety, food obsession, and mood swings.
  • Missed periods or fertility issues.

Find your right balance of the right carbs will leave you feeling energized, helping you sleep, help with sugar cravings, create happy hormones (which are crucial for fat loss) and help your performance in the gym.

What we can do is look for better, smarter carbs.

Here are some ideas:
  • Look at what you're already doing, what you like and your routine.
  • See if you can substitute some of the less ideal carbs for more ideal carbs...

For example:
  • Whole grains, quinoa, oats, etc.
  • Beans
  • Sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes)
  • Snack on fruit and berries
  • Try bean pasta (bonus for the extra protein!)

Start to notice what you look for with sweet treats... and let's see if we can find an alternative (rather than trying to deprive, which never works)
  • Can we switch out afternoon sweets for a protein bar?
  • Can you make your own muffins, pastries and cookies while using higher-fiber flours, less sugars, and healthy grains?
  • Dried fruit (without sugar added) instead of candy?

Sometimes this means trying things, and experimenting! 

And that's okay! Experimenting means we try new things, figure out what works, and more importantly what we enjoy!

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