Moderation through Macros

Getting Set-up for Success!

Getting set-up for success!

Start tracking. Don't worry about perfection, strive for consistency!
MyFitnessPal Tracking Guide

Tools for success:

  • Set a reminder on your calendar or an alarm to fill in your check-in sheet each week!
Check-in sheets MUST BE TURNED IN BY 12pm EST, no exceptions!
  • Mark you calendar for your bi-weekly coaching calls. If the time isn't possible, mark time to listen to the recording!
  • Each week is strategically planned and programmed to help you succeed. Don't worry about skipping ahead or trying to do more! Just because you can do harder things doesn't always mean that we should! Work each week with the assignment, if it feels overwhelming let's work together and lower the barrier to entry. The number one key to your success is continuing to show up and stay consistent.


*Additional Resources & Favorites*

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Setting up MyFitnessPal:

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Adjusting Recipes to Fit your Macros

Weighing your food

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