5 Universal Principles of Good Nutrition

Yes, nutrition is often confusing, uncertain, and hotly debated.

In fact most of the industry profits on personal bias, lines in the sand and your confusion.

But these principles are indisputable – and often transformative.

Playing the game of addition, rather than solely focusing on subtracting from your plate and you life in hopes of minimizing your waist line.

Weight loss comes down to energy in and energy out, but your hormones still matter.
At the end of the day, your weight loss is affected by your caloric deficit. But that doesn't mean a caloric deficit is the best option for YOU in this season.
Things like
  • Dieting history
  • Hormonal history
  • Metabolic adaptation
will influence your ability to adhere to a dieting phase, your energy levels, your sleep quality and frankly your quality of life.
To sum it up. calories matter, but so does your hormonal and metabolic health.

Fruits and veggies contain key micronutrients. 
As well as fiber which is helpful for managing blood sugar, energy, satiety and a healthy gut!
In short, adding them anywhere you can will benefit your health and your waist-line.

Sleep affects everything, including your weight.
Sleep affects what you eat.
Ever been sleep deprived and given zero care to what you're eating? Same.
Sleep controls the hormones that tell us when we're hungry, and when we're full.
It also influences willpower, discipline and self-control.
Folks who lose and maintain weight-loss care about their sleep!

The more processed it is, the less nutrient dense it is.
Processing our food removes key nutrients and replaces them with additives and preservatives in favor of a longer shelf-life.
Now, this isn't to say processed food cannot be a part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, however it's important to recognize the value of a minimally processed diet and to create that balance.
Additives, preservatives and processed foods can also contribute to excess hunger and cravings, where minimally processed whole foods can help control them.
In short, want to manage your weight? Manage how processed your overall diet is!

Protein is the macro that matters the most!
From keeping you full, to requiring more energy to digest, and promoting lean muscle mass... There's not much protein doesn't do when it comes to managing your fat-loss and your health!
Ever notice that you can only eat so much lean protein, yet you can continue to eat the all you can eat pasta?
Prioritizing protein will help manage your hunger, keep you satisfied and keep you strong!
All macros matter, but protein is one most could benefit from paying more attention to.

Working with these key principles are basic. 
But the truth is, basics work. 

I'd love to know how you're using these principles and the results you're seeing! 

Talk soon! 

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