Moderation through Macros

Week Two: Macros Made Easy

What to focus on for week two:

  1. Create a weekly ritual to plan for your success in the coming week.
  2. What might challenge you this week? What small actions can you take to manage the challenges?
  3. Continue focusing on your personal goal, planning, scheduling and blocking time to make it happen. What action steps do you need to take every single day to create the outcome? Focus on actions, habits and behaviors.
  4. Don't forget to submit your check-in form by 12pm noon EST on Monday!
  5. Review this weeks tutorials and trainings to continue building your skills!

Grab the Macro Meals Template

Guidelines for Tracking:

Alcohol Tracking:

Note: to track alcohol macros correctly you take the total number of calories and divide by 4 to calculate carbohydrate macros or divide by 9 for fat macros.
You can add this into MFP by searching for 'carbs' or 'fats' and add your total number for accuracy.
Catch Episode 49 of the Strong Mama's and Macros Podcast for more on alcohol.

Traveling and Tracking Guide