Moderation through Macros

Week Three: Tracking & Measuring Progress

What to focus on for week two:

  1. How can you continue to simplify your process?
  2. Focus on consistency and simplicity.
  3. What steps do you need to take this week to get you closer to your goal? How can you plan for this weeks challenges for better outcomes? What do you need in order for this week to be a success?
  4. Check-in; are your actions reflective of how you want to be, how you want to feel, and what you want to do?
  5. Write down any questions for this weeks coaching call. If you cannot attend live please submit any questions to by 5pm EST Tuesday.
  6. Block time to engage, reflect and utilize this weeks materials to continue building your skills.

The Laws of Positive Change

Change in itself is a SKILL. You must continue practicing change in order to get better at it, and for it to stick.
How can you become better at change this week?

How to measure progress:

How to successfully hit your macros: