Moderation through Macros

Week One: Goal setting and expectations

What to focus on for week one:

  1. Your protein and calorie goal as discussed in your onboarding call.
  2. Set your step goal! Do you know what your default average is? (if not, start tracking!) What can your stretch goal become? Make a plan and make it happen!
  3. Create some awareness around your water intake. Gradually increase your intake to 72-100 ounces daily!
  4. Fill in your check-in sheet for feedback! 
  5. Set your goals and make a plan :-)

Here's what to expect:
  • You should have access to your check-in sheet via Google Sheets. Please note; you don't have to do anything special to 'submit' the form. Just complete your entries for this coming week by NEXT Monday at 12pm noon for feedback!
  • You should have access to the Trainerize App platform. Within the first week you want to make sure you:
Take beginning progress photos! The app will direct you. Wear as little clothing as possible, or at least form fitting. Ideally leggings or shorts and a sports bra! Of course you can also do a swim suit or undies as well.
Take measurements! The app will also guide you on where to measure. You can store these just in the app or on your spreadsheet as well!This is my favorite measuring tool, but of course anything will do.

Setting Goals:

  • Watch your welcome video!
  • Download the Rituals Guide HERE spending sometime getting really clear on how you can being setting yourself up for success!
  • Set your goals and define your why. Get clear on it and remind yourself OFTEN.

Goal Setting Worksheet