The S.T.R.O.N.G Method

Getting started

Getting started! What to focus on:

  1. Start tracking! You'll begin tracking your food intake via your preferred tracking app. (I'll be walking you through how to use MyFitnessPal, you can find the getting started video in your FitCoachPro Portal)
  2. Log your daily check-in in FitCoachPro. *Note*This can be done morning or evening aligning with your preference. I recommend setting an alarm to make this a consistent habit each and every day! 
  3. Submit your initial Intake Questionnaire   before our initial start date 
  4. Complete your Life Assessment Worksheet (we will refer back to this as we move through the journey 😊this is an important check point in making your health, wellness and nutrition a sustainable lifestyle- for life.)
  5. Schedule your 45 minute roadmap call! (details below!)

Connecting with me, your coach for support and questions throughout the week 🙂
  • (828) 649-5871
  • Messaging thread via FitCoahPro
  • E-mail:
Monday-Friday 9a-5p EST (outside of these hours I will respond as soon as possible. No e-mail or FitCoachPro will be checked on Sundays!)

Accessing FitCoachPro- https://updogwellnessandfitness/ 

To schedule your 45 minute Roadmap call  e-mail with 2-3 time slots that will work for you! *Schedule your call as soon as possible to guarantee a time slot*

BEFORE getting on the call complete:
  1. Your initial tracking week! 
  2. Complete the initial intake questionnaire
  3. Complete the Life Balance Assessment 

Getting familiar with FitCoachPro 👇

Take some time to get familiar with your dashboard...

Notice the 3 bars in the top left; this is your menu!

In your menu, you'll find where you add your daily check-in, weekly check-in, as well as resources and videos. 👇

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