Episode 66: Self-Sabotage and Sleep

Are you Sabotaging yourself?

Self-Sabotage is when you wreck your own best-laid plans. On the outside, you may want to get healthy but on the inside, you’re compelled to get in your own way. In today’s culture, sleep and rest in general can be treated in very contradicting ways. On the other hand, expressing a sense of tiredness and a need for rest has become a cultural norm. While on the other, it has become a cynical type of status symbol to be busy that having time for rest must mean someone isn't working hard enough.

Are You Self Sabotaging Your Sleep?

What habits would you like to break?

It’s very possible that a person could well be self-sabotaging their own sleep and in today’s episode you will be able to learn:

  • Ideas to get better or adequate sleep
  • How does sleep affect your health
  • 9 kinds of negative things that happen when you don't get enough sleep
  • The main causes of sleep deprivation
  • Apps and wearables that track or monitor your sleep
And so much more!

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Feature In The Episode:

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