Macros Made Easy Master Class! THURSDAY MAY 27th 6pm EST

Are you curious about how macros can transform your body and your life?
If you're ready to live freely with your food this summer, understand the nutritional make-up of your food all while losing body fat, this masterclass is FOR YOU!
There's a lot of noise the the health and fitness space around what's right for you...
This is exactly why I created this masterclass as a way for you to take back your power over your journey!

What we will cover in this 90 minute class...
What exactly are macros, and why do they matter?
We'll start off by discussing what the heck macros actually are, why you should pay attention, and how they can benefit your lifestyle and your goals.
How to calculate your daily energetic requirements.
Once you understand why macros matter, I am confident that you'll be excited to learn how to use them! I will teach you how to be the leader of your journey through understanding and calculating your own macros!
How to adjust.
Next to calculating your numbers, adjusting is the next big step! How, when and why should you adjust, and how can you make your nutrition work for YOU!?
Meet your coach!
Hi! I'm Natalie, a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and creator of Moderation through Macros.

As a macro nutrition, and metabolic female specialist, it is my passion and purpose to help you find true freedom in your body through sustainable nutrition and exercise.

My unique approach recognizes that you're not meant to live to just diet. I don't see you as a number or a meal plan, but rather a human-being with a unique story, history, lifestyle and preferences.

Moderation through Macros, my signature coaching program, was created with the hustlin' mom in mind.
No meal plans, no strict protocols, restriction or deprivation. Only true, lasting food freedom, real results and a sustainable lifestyle where your nutrition and fitness works for you.

Don't struggle on your own. I'm here to help!

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