If you're struggling to lose weight, battling fatigue, brain fog or anxiety & depression as a result of Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's or PCOS...
You're in the right place.

It's time to take back control of your body, your health and your life so you can finally feel confident in your skin.
You've probably tried a nutrition program or diet before...
and you showed up with the best intentions to "stick to the plan".

Perhaps you convinced yourself that it would truly be different this time,
only to find yourself craving at night and binge eating on the weekend.

So you:
  • Give up convinced you're the problem
  • Feel shame or guilt over investing in something that didn't work
  • Stay stuck in the never ending yo-yo cycle
    Here's the truth:
    You don't need another "diet"!
    Customized coaching for sustainable results
    The UDW&F's mission is to inspire and challenge women with Hashimoto's or PCOS to take control of their lives by reversing their symptoms, and discover their inner resilience so they can achieve an abundant life of health and happiness.
    Hi! I'm Natalie Guevara, creator of the S.T.R.O.N.G that helps women living with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's or PCOS take back control of their lives so they can finally feel confident in their skin.

    I understand you don't need a "diet".
    What you need is a truly custom strategy that is uniquely created for YOU as well as a coach who can help you work through the barriers that block you from following the plan.

    My unique lifestyle approach through the 4R Process of Restoring, Reframing, Rebuilding and creating Resilience does exactly that.

    My approach is based on real life experience as a mom living with Hashimoto's and PCOS, and coaching 100's of women over the past decade.

    You won't find this plan on Google because it's something unlike you've ever done before.
    No computer generated macros for you to follow, or rigid cookie cutter blueprints.

    Here you're guided into building your custom roadmap that's actually created for YOU, the busy human struggling with hormonal issues (not the 20 something male trainer at the gym).

    Unlike other programs that offer cookie cutter based approaches, I guide you into the heart of your unique struggles, lifestyle requirements and personal preferences so that you can actually get RESULTS.

    If you've been struggling for too long with fatigue, brain fog, excess weight gain, depression and anxiety… and are ready to feel more energized and confident in your skin grab the link and let's chat about how this will work for you!
    Meet the final stop on your weight-loss and health journey
    The Roadmap
    The first amplifier in our process is to restore our metabolism, as well as trust in yourself and what's possible for your health, body and life. This is a non-negotiable in creating a positive shift in our hormones, energy levels, cravings and overall physical outcome.
    Mile-marker two is the reframe. Working together to shift patterns, behaviors and belief blocks that have been holding you back physically, mentally and emotionally from making the shifts and creating the change you desire. You'll leave this rest stop with a clear understanding of what drives you, how to communicate effectively with your metabolism. and clarity to move forward in a positive direction towards your goals.
    Utilizing the evidence based support of macro-nutrients, we will guide you through creating a unique, sustainable and satisfying nutrition protocol that helps you manage hunger, energy levels, and cravings. Continuing to build on the positive shifts made in your day-to-day life thus far this building block will support you in refining your journey for lasting success.
    The big missing piece of so many programs! Resilience. Continuing on your journey in creating a truly flexible metabolism allowing you to LIVE YOUR LIFE without feeling confined or constrained to protocols, restriction or tracking.
    Through patience, practice and guidance you'll finally experience the growth and transformation allowing you to feel truly confident in. your body, as well as in the tools to continue your success for a lifetime,
    What is the S.T.R.O.N.G Method?
    The S.T.R.O.N.G Method is my unique framework to get you results.
    Strengthen- physically, mentally & emotionally
    Transform- your body, your mind, & your health
    build Resilience- within your metabolism, body & mind
    through Ownership- empowering you to be the hero of your journey
    Nutrition- understanding your nutrition & turning it into a lifestyle. You won't find this diet in a magazine!
    with Guidance- I am here to GUIDE, every step of the way!
    I believe in...
    Challenging the nutrition status quo
    That by fueling your body well, resilience, energy, health and happiness are abundant.
    Strength training is a vehicle for a more expansive life.
    A focus on your body's accomplishments is powerful.
    You're not defined by your circumstances, diagnosis or weight.
    Resilience is built through compassion, creativity, growth and challenge.
    You deserve health, happiness and to abundantly take up space.

    This is different than anything you've every done before...
    I see you. I feel your frustration from lack of clarity, direction and actual results. Here's how I will work WITH you to create the confident, abundant life you deserve:
    • Guidance
      Together we will move through the 4R Amplifiers building your unique roadmap that supports you from the inside out.
      With details clearly laid out we will move through these at your own pace, where you have access to return back to them at anytime during the program.
      Each week you'll complete a weekly reflection to track your continued progress throughout the program.
    • Community
      You've felt the frustration and shame around your body not cooperating solo for far too long. Know you're not alone here! Through our safe space you're welcomed and encouraged to take up space, be seen, heard and held as we move through this together.
    • Face-to-face coaching
      You and I will connect face-to-face 1-2X per week on Support Calls where I will guide you deeper into your journey.

      These calls are small, intimate, and extremely high-touch - by design. This is to encourage deeper conversations, bigger breakthroughs and a true sense of being seen and heard without feeling rushed by or glazed over.
    • Resources, guides and education to support you
      Tired of Googling for information on macros, workouts, or navigating your symptoms? I hear you, which is why I have built this most robust library with education, resource guides and recipes to make changing your life a breeze!
    The Framework...
    The 5 M Method to guarantee results
    • Metabolism
      Restoring, rebuilding and creating resilience within your metabolism is our number one priority. Creating a metabolism that works FOR you makes you unstoppable in the pursuit of your health.
    • Macro Nutrition
      Understanding your nutrition is the key to change, and absolutely mandatory to create the physical transformation we desire. Together in our rebuild phase we will learn your breakdown and I'll coach you the whole way on tracking, planning and reaching success.
    • Movement
      What are we even supposed to do for exercise!? Is there one right program or method? NOPE! This is completely individualized, and developing strength, losing weight and enjoying our bodies should not take hours in the gym.
    • Mentorship
      You're going to need guidance, accountability and support to create the consistency required for your success. Stop overwhelming yourself and burning yourself out only to find yourself back at square one. I am here as your ally, your guide and your cheerleader every step of the way
    • Mindset
      Cultivating a growth mindset and smashing limiting beliefs around what is possible for your body, your health and your happiness is a non-negotiable. This process isn't linear, and working through obstacles and challenges is one of the most difficult pieces of the process. That isn't the case with 1:1 support and mentorship. I'm here to help you navigate the resistance, the challenges and the roadblocks and real time for real, lasting results.
    Client reviews
    Listen to Episode 75 of the STRONG Podcast to hear my client Joy's amazing transformation!
    • "Whoa, I feel 90% better than I did in we're only 4 weeks in!"
    • "PMS symptoms are WAY better and my period came on time which has been iffy."
    • "I've lost 6 lbs in 8 weeks, but most importantly I don't even care because of how good I feel!"
    • "I'm so happy with my progress. I am feeling better not just physically, but mentally as well"
    Learn more about
    Natalie Guevara
    CPT, Nutrition & Mindset coach specializing in women's hormones, metabolism and thryoid health.
    I am so excited to see you get results that you never thought was possible with the guidance and support you deserve.
    After years struggling to get an official diagnosis from my medical provider AND THEN getting zero support...
    ... I know exactly how lost, overwhelmed, and even embarrassed you may feel.

    I spent a decade of restrictive dieting, obsessive exercise and fighting my body without any understanding of what I was doing, and why I was so exhausted, burned out with no results to show.

    My unique coaching philosophy is based on extensive education and mentorships in functional nutrition, and female hormones and metabolism, real life experience as a mom living with Hashimoto's and PCOS, and coaching 100's of women over the past decade.

    It took me years to find harmony and balance with my body, and I don't want you to have to go through the same struggles.

    When not lifting other women up through fitness and nutrition I love horseback riding, paddle boarding, knitting, spending time with our dogs, hanging out with the kids and finding all kinds of tasty foods!

    I cannot wait to hear from you and learn how I can support you!
    Are you ready to live more?
    If you've been struggling for too long with fatigue, brain fog, excess weight gain, depression and anxiety… and are ready to feel more energized and confident in your skin... let's connect!
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