The Body-Image Blueprint
Embrace Your Reflection: Transforming YOUR Body Image in just 10 Days
If you are a mom with Hashimoto's, I can help you reclaim your energy, self-worth and foster a positive body image through the
10 day Body Image Blueprint.
Is this you?
  • Struggling with fatigue and low energy affecting daily motivation.
  • Uncomfortable in the clothes you wear.
  • Stuck in the never ending cycle of hating your body.
  • Endlessly chasing health fixes that fall short, only to continue to be discouraged and defeated.
  • Feeling like you should start the diet again on Monday,
  • And like you're constantly at war with your body.
What if you could...
  • Imagine feeling aligned and at peace with your body, appreciating it for its strength and resilience.
  • What if, you knew how to STOP DIETING and start eating in an easy, effortless and effective way (that includes your fave foods)
  • Visualize having the energy to enjoy activities with your children and feeling STRONG in your body.
  • Eat out, travel and enjoy life without the anxiety of needing to find things specific to your 'plan'.
Through the Body Image Blueprint you can...

Find a renewed sense of energy.

Create a more positive body image.

Become the example you want to set for your children when it comes to their own bodies.

And develop practical skills to manage and improve your perception of your body and your health.

(no, I won't just tell you to love your body.)

Ready to transform your body image and reclaim your energy?

Join the 10-day Body Image Blueprint and start your journey to a happier, healthier you!

Opening to the waitlist on 5/27!
Hi! I'm Natalie
a seasoned health coach specializing in body positivity and functional nutrition for women with Hashimoto's.

With over a decade of experience, I'm here to guide you through rediscovering your body's potential and transforming your body image.
Over 10 days you will...
  • 1
    Work through daily educational sessions focusing on different aspects of body image, including self-talk, influences, and body neutrality.
    Delivered through an intuitive platform, receive daily coaching at your fingertips.
  • 2
    APPLY learned skills, set personal goals, and engage in community discussions.
    Days 6-10 are all about applying concepts learned on days 1-5.
    Coaching, reflective prompts, and discussions with like-minded individuals.
  • 3
    Experience 3 LIVE integration sessions
    Held via Zoom, access 3 sessions, on day 5, day 6, and a final support session one week following the conclusion of the program to answer questions and ensure application beyond the 10 days.
Feel like the woman and mom you know you are.

Your transformation begins when you enroll in the 10 Day Body Image Blueprint.

Believe in the beauty of balance—not just in your body, but in your life.
Transforming your health begins with embracing every part of your journey, including the challenges.
Join the waitlist now!
This isn't a program that will tell you to just love your body.
Or simply offer you a bunch of affirmations that won't work.
The 10-day Body Image Blueprint is designed to be practical and actionable.
I created this experience for YOU, the mom with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism who no longer wants to wonder if they're going to make it through another day.

>> Who's tired of waking up and hating the version of herself she sees in the mirror.

>>The woman ready to experience life on the other side of dieting, protocols, restriction and rules.

>>The woman who's ready to burn the rulebook and write her own.
Stop the endless cycle of solution hunting and self-hatred.
Find freedom, pleasure and joy in your body once again.
You're perfect to work with me if you're a woman who is...
  • Is seeking a trusting relationship with food and their body, despite having Hashimoto's or PCOS
  • Knows that dieting and restricting isn't the way to lasting symptom relief.
  • Feels that they struggle with body image, body perception, and are open to exploring it.
  • Is ready for a mind-body approach- not just addressing food and fitness, but the whole body.
  • Is willing to experiment, get curious, take risks and face fears around food, mindsets and limiting beliefs.
  • Hates hating themselves-but doesn't know how to move past it.
  • Know's she's worth investing in and receiving support.
  • Is in this for the long-haul.
How we'll work together
Over 10 days we will explore...
Day 1: Introduction to Body Image
Introduction to the concept of body image and its impact on everyday life.
Homework: Initial body image assessment

Day 2: Understanding Influences
Explore the sources of body image perceptions, including media, cultural, and familial influences.
Homework: Identify influencers of your own body image.
Day 3: The Role of Self-Talk
Discussion how internal dialogues affect body image and introduce techniques for nurturing positive self-talk.
Homework: Practice becoming aware of negative self-talk
Day 4: Body Neutrality.
Learn the concept of body neutrality, focusing on appreciating the body's functionality over appearance.
Homework: Connecting function with feeling.
Day 5: Mindfulness and Body Image
Incorporate mindfulness practices that can help in reducing body dissatisfaction and improving body appreciation.
Homework: Explore mindfulness practices supporting your lifestyle and goals.
Day 6-10: Implementing New Habits
  • Day 6: Setting realistic and compassionate body image goals.

  • Day 7: Introduction body-positive exercises and activities.

  • Day 8: Discussion on how to handle setbacks and maintain progress.

  • Day 9: Handling social situations or comments about bodies.

  • Day 10: Recap, celebrate achievements, and plan for sustaining positive body image.

  • Homework for Days 6-9: Daily logging of experiences, emotions, and setbacks with strategies taught.

3 Live Integration Sessions
Held via Zoom on day 5, 6, and day 20.
Q&A Coaching, and support to make sure you're applying the knowledge and strategies for results.
Enroll in the 10-day Body Image Blueprint
One-time investment of $97
What does the program look like?
Here's how it's delievered...
  • Daily content in our user friendly learning platform.
    Daily content available to you for the life of the program. Each day you'll have a new lesson, prompt, and actionable strategy to implement what you're learning.
  • Join a community of like-minded moms
    24 hour access to our Slack community.
  • 3 LIVE integration calls via Zoom
    60 minute live calls offered on day 5, 6 and day 20 to ensure you're able to implement and take action.
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